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UMDNJ-SOM ~ South Jersey Heart Group, P.C. Cardiology Fellowship Program


Fellow to Fellow FAQ:   

1.  What factors played an important role in your choice of a fellowship program?
                I wanted to find a program with a high volume of procedures as well as regularly scheduled didactics; this program offers       both!
                Thomas O. Kopinski, D.O., PGY V

2.  Have you been pleased with the quality of your experience thus far?
A:             I must say that overall I’m very pleased with the quality of education that I’ve received during my             cardiology fellowship.               Every program has pros and cons, however, I must say that this program is    very responsive to constructive criticism    and the quality of my didactic experience has been better during my second year compared to my first year.  The            program allows a great deal of autonomy for a tremendous clinical experience and provides the security of an attending            backup for support.  Also, we have had great guest lectures including Dr. Michelena from the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Kronzin            from NYU, and Dr. Bavaria from The University of Pennsylvania, just to name a few.  As a second year fellow, we had    the opportunity to visit the Mayo clinic for a few days and I felt very comfortable in a “prestigious” institution.
                Troy L. Randle, D.O., PGY:VI

3.  Has the quality of instruction met your expectations?
A:             The full-time attending physicians provide excellent didactic instructions. In areas where gaps of instruction exist in he            program,  the program  brings in outside speakers from well known sites such as the Mayo Clinic, NYU and the           Cleveland Clinic.
                Jeffrey VanHook, D.O., PGY: V

4.  Have the time demands and working conditions been reasonable?
A:             Yes, the average (non-call) workday is not longer than 7am – 5pm, and with the expanding fellowship, the call schedule        will be even lighter.
                Eric A. Pressman, D.O., PGY:VI

5.  Have relationships with staff and other fellows been friendly?
A:             Absolutely. I feel that we are part of a team. The fellows have been very supportive of each other regarding educational        opportunities, patient management and call schedule conflicts. I consider them friends not just coworkers.
                Deborah A. Sambucci, D.O., Chief Fellow,  PGY: VI,

6.  What would you tell potential residents about choosing a fellowship?
A:             Choose a program that not only has good didactic instruction but also has good hands-on learning        at the bedside.  This                program offers weekly didactic lectures but also allows you to run the cardiology service with good attendings who see patients after you and teach at the bedside on a daily basis.
                Leon O”Neill, D.O., PGY:IV

7.  I would need to relocate to New Jersey for this fellowship, how would you describe your living experience in South Jersey, as well as cost-of-living expenses?
A:             The living experience in South Jersey is great.  I live in Cherry Hill, which is central to all of the hospitals.  Shopping and         restaurants are convenient and close by.  Philadelphia is only 15 minutes away. Cost of living is above average, but is     worth it given that the area has low crime.
                Ahsan Jafir, D.O., PGY: IV, relocated from Virginia, 2008

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